Waypoint is a large city on the coast of Nordo Ameris. It is a major port city and thus an important shiping center serving Alexandria and the dwarven city of Ironhammer.

Although Arcan Stonehand is often thought of as its chief architect, he’s actually credited with designing and building its infrastructure such as waste management & water access. His work here was so well done, that it has kept up with the growing city and needed very little repairs. Some historians believe however that he had an entirely different purpose here, and that the city itself was built to hide his true work.

Important People
Monica Bloodblade is currently in charge of the cities defenses.
Rubyn Ribnick is not a well known person in the city itself, but is more well known to those who have lost their way.

Places of Interest
Ye Olde Slippery Noodle is the cities most famous tavern, and is a tourist attraction in and of itself.
Undercity of Waypoint is a place many don’t know about and has its own secrets, some just recently discovered.

The city is currently under siege by the Army of Sunderus.


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