This is a continent on the other side of the world from Nordo Ameris, seperated by two large expanses of water. Because of the vast distances, not many sailors are willing or able to cross the bodies, since there is not much lucrative trading to be done there.

What is known about the continent is taken from documents that survived the Dark War, altough these books and texts provide no details on the shape the land is in today.

The continent is extremely large, almost twice the size of Nordo Ameris, thus the geological features you’ll likely discover are going to be simular than what is already known, albeit much more abundant.

Although the Dark War started on Nordo Ameris, it is known to have moved over to U’ro’Asi at some point, and many of the most devistating battles of the conflict were fought here, thus it is likely that the nations of this continent were the hardest hit during the war. Although it is not known exactly where the resting place of [[Bal’rahn]] is, it is thought to be somewhere on this continent. Since this aspect of the Dark War is fairly common knowledge, it may be the reason for the trepidation many sailors have of exploring this continent.


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