The library is located in the central part of the barracks. Although there are quite a few books in good condition on the shelves, most of them appear to be fiction rather than historical texts or otherwise. Still, given the number of books its possible that there are some hidden gems to be found. There are two levels to the library. The main level is a large square room with a statue of Laur’an in the center. On the west side of this room is a small iron starcase that leads up to a loft area with a few more bookshelves. The loft has a doorway that leads to a small study. Each of the four walls of the main room has a large fresco painting, each depecting a different scene. Although there is no title plate with the paintings, the statue has a plaque on the front of it that reads:
For my daugher -

As I look to the west,
I mourn the loss of light
as suddenly you were lost to me.

As I turn to the north,
I mourn my past,
for the failures of my tasks.

As I turn to the south,
I mourn my future,
for you were my only heir.

As I gaze to the east,
I cry tears of joy,
knowing I have earned my rest in the light,
knowing that I might return home.

Each painting seems to depict a scene related to the poem. The western painting shows a setting sun over what seems like a vague scene of battle. The northern painting depicts the back of a dwarf as he looks over a massive construction project. The southern painting shows the front of a large stone building, its doorway black and forboding. Lastly, the eastern painting shows a rising sun over a mountain range.

Rubyn Ribnick spend a large portion of his time in here, studying the various books and looking for historical texts. Given the large number of books, so far he had not found much except for clues that Waypoint was holding a great number of secrets. Recently, with the help of Purity, they discovered a hidden room off the study that contained the skeleton of a dwarf, who was clutching a large book. Rubyn was extatic, as he believes he has found Arcan Stonehands Bedchamber as well as his journal.


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