An ancient nation dating back to and before the Dark War. It’s location is thought to have been in Nordo Ameris but there has been no evidence found to confirm this.

It was ruled by a council of several people, each having a distinct power within the government over their area of expertise, although it is known that they often voted together as a singular body to determine more complex matters of state. The ruling councel was nearly wiped out during the Dark War by an unkown event, though most unverified stories point to Sunderus as the likely cause.

The nation as a culture was likely destroyed during the Dark War at some point, although it’s exact demise is unkown.

There were two known cities within the nation: Tal’Orn was known as an important merchant city and was sacked and left in ruins by the first major conflict of the Dark War. The other known city was Tal’Un which was the capital of the nation.


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