Before the dark war, Sunderus was an extremely talented and gifted Technomancer who brought about many advancements in the field of magitech. Despite this, he is most notorious for having started the Dark War and summoned the dark god into existence. His name is often used as a curse today, as in “Sunderus take you!”

Sunderus was finally defeated during the final battle of the Dark War, where he was killed by the gods.

Legend has relegated him to the position of a god. The Uktena call him Jadma’Dev, or one who would be a god. He is often considered the God of Deception, of Trickery, sometimes of Luck. Those who manipulate people by words or seem to have uncanny luck are said to be blessed (or cursed) by Sunderous. This can be seen as either a grave insult, or a compliment.

Clerical Info

Chaotic Evil – Evil, law, chaos, war, destruction, death, fire, luck, tricky

Alternate viewpoints

Some describe Sunderus as a misunderstood figure, and that what he was really trying to do was free people from the tyranny of the gods. It’s very different viewpoint, when most everything else describes him as a bad bad person.


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