Sigal is a nation located in the southern regions of Nordo Ameris. The nation is unusually quite and secretive, allowing no outside visitors or envoys within its boarders, although occasionaly trade does happen between towns on its border with Alexandria. The capital city of Sigal is known to be called Citadel


Their territory begins in the south of Nordo Ameris and continues further south and is known to encompass the land between the continents of Nordo & Sardo Ameris, but it is unkown whether their territory also extends down into the Sardo Ameris continent.

Trade and Relations

No official trading occurs between its only known neighbor of Alexandria, though trading does occur between towns along their respective boarders. It is unknown if Sigal shares a border with any other nations or soverign governments, and thus any other trading arrangments are unknown as well.

Sigal has not made any move to threaten or harm Alexandria, but has not officially declared itself peacefull either. All other information is either unknown or kept secret.


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