Nordo Ameris

Nordo Ameris is a large continent in the world of Retir’un. It lies in the northern hemisphere. Due to its size, it has a range of temperate climates, from lush greenlands along the coast lines & rivers, to deserts, and colder climates further north.

Although once divided into several nations before the dark war, most were utterly destroyed. Today, by far the strongest nation on the continent is the nation state of Alexandria. The Uktena also hold large portions of the contenent, mostly in the north eastern regions, however due to their tribal structure they have not declared themselves to be a nation.
Relations between the two have so far been amicabal, with the later having helped the once fledgling nation.
In the heavily forested portion of the continent lies the elvish empire known as Iosa. They have a friendly relationship with most everyone, especially the Uktena, but mostly keep to themselves with the exception of light trading on the boarder it shares with Alexandria.
Another developing nation is that of Sigal, located in the southern regions of the continent. Other than having small trade ties with towns along Alexandria’s southern borders, they have not sent an official envoy to the throne as of yet.
Of interesting note is the city state known as IronHammer whom the Dwarven rulers consider a sovereign nation in its own right, even though the city is located well within the borders of Alexandria. However, they have an extremely close working relationship with the throne and will actively come to its defense if needed – especially that of Waypoint.
There are a few sub-regions on the continent that have not been claimed by any nation. Settlements in these area’s are few and far between, with no towns larger than 2000 people at most. The Dead Mans Desert lies to the west of Alexandria, and to the northwest is a region simply called Mist. It is rumored that another sovereign nation lies further west past the desert, on the western shores of the continent, but no reports have yet to become offical.
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Nordo Ameris

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