The Age of Creation

In the beginning, the world had not been created yet, and space was void of stars and substance. A thick curtain of blackness covered all, as Sha’iam Dar was the supreme ruler of the Void. Then two beings came forth into the Void – Laura’lel and Ukuran (Pronounced Oo-koo-rahn) – and upon seeing the sterility of it, challenged him to control over the Void. Sha’iam Dar, not having the power to create the things that the two challengers were able to, saw an opportunity with the new deities and answered their challenge. “You wish to fight for control of this realm, and I wish to see it become more than it is. This place has potential, but I do not have the power to harness it. I want to give guidance, and yet it has been my home, and I will not give it away half-heartedly. Therefore, you must prove your resolve and dedication to this place by defeating me. If you can do this, I will honor you, and provide all the guidance I am capable of.” They accepted the challenge and a titanic battle took place along the void. When the magic of Laura’lel and Sha’iam’s met, the eruption of power created the center of the Universe, and as Ukuran clashed axe to Sha’iam’s sword, the sparks of their fight became the fires of the stars.

Laura’lel and Ukuran were able to at last defeat Sha’iam, and after his defeat he bowed before them as their servant. As Laura’lel healed his wounds, Ukuran forged for him a greatsword with the ability to focus his magical energies into a powerful blast, and a suit of full armor that magnified his already impressive strength and abilities. These they then gave to him as a gift for honoring their agreement, and charged him with protecting the new world. This he excepted with honor and helped them to forge a world worthy of protection.

Ukuran, who was a master of forging, used his magic to create the physical substances that all things are made of. The dirt beneath our feat, and the tree’s that reach up into the sky, as well as the physical substances with which every being on the world is composed of was forged in his smith and brought forth unto the world with his great hand. After he was finished, Ukuran sliced off part of his own flesh, and forged it into the great dragons.

Laura’lel, seeing the great works that her husband had created, bade him to use part of her own flesh, and with that he forged Humanity. Laura’lel smiled, and the beauty and light of that smile brought forth the sun, and as she sighed in happiness at her husbands’ work, she breathed true life into his creations.

Dragons proclaimed Ukuran their father and king, and Laura’lel their mother and queen, and vowed to serve them always. Humanity, knowing that Ukuran had created the dragon’s first and that they were his subjects, proclaimed him The Serpent King. They did not forget that he had forged them, but they bowed before Laura’lel as her subjects, as it was her flesh that they were forged from.Sha’iam saw what Laura’lel and Ukuran had created, and nodded his approval. He then stepped forward and told the newly created beings to go forth and populate the world, and to always hold the spirit of creation with them. As his gift to them, he gave both Humans and Dragons the power to reach whatever potential they wished. Upon receiving this gift, they bowed before him and proclaimed that they would join the foremost among them in marriage, and the offspring from that union would belong to him so that he may fulfil his duty to Ukuran and Laura’lel.

From this union of Dragon and Human was born the mother of the Dragon KnightsLaur’an – and she was given to Sha’iam to train. As he trained her, their love also grew and when she was of age, they married and from their union the Dragon Knights were born. Through them, Sha’iam fulfilled his promise to Ukuran and Laura’lel to protect their world. Ukuran forged for them blast swords and armor in the likeness of those that Sha’iam wore, and together with Sha’iam and Laur’an’s help, made sky fortresses to protect the world from danger.

Humans and Dragons bid Sha’iams’ request and went forth and populated the world with their offspring. The potential that Sha’iam gave them began to emerge as they started to develop abilities beyond those of normal Humans or Dragons. Some became leaders of men and forged great nations, while others pursued the magical arts after The Goddess. Dragon’s gained the ability to fly and some developed the ability to tape into the fires of Ukurans’ forge, or the ice where he cooled his freshly forged items.

Laura’lel and Ukuran were not satisfied with creating Humans and Dragons however, and many new offspring were created from their union with their creations. Elves and Dwarves were created from the union between humans and The Goddess and Ukuran respectively. Ogres and the Goblinoid races were created from unions between Dragon’s and the two Deities.

Upon seeing their creations flourish and create new offspring, Laura’lel and Ukuran smiled and retired to their great sky palace in the heavens – Rhuid’danar – with Sha’iam and Laur’an. For the thousands of years that followed, all manor of plants and animals sprang forth from the earth as the creations of Ukuran and Laura’lel spread across it. The newly formed races weren’t without problems however, as sometimes their differences lead to wars, but these wars were quickly quelled as the Dragon Knights swooped down and pacified the aggressors.

In time, the different races learned to get along realizing that they had much to learn from each other, and also in part due to the fear of angering the Dragon Knights. As the world stabilized, their reasons for not fighting became more out of benefit of cooperation than of fear, and in time even greater nations grew as alliances and friendships were forged and bound together by honor and peace. With this, The Age of Creation gave forth to The Age of Prosperity.

This new age marked the culmination of what The Goddess and The Serpent King had set out to achieve, as their creations advanced their positions to greatness. Traveling from one city to another was made easy by powerful magics, and buildings made by the architects of the time nearly reached the Sky Palaces of the Dragon Knights themselves. Great vessels traversed the depths of the sea and the vastness of the sky, and only furthered to spread the races to the farthest reaches of the world. Their achievements were such as to even allow them to live in the Frozen Wastes of the far North and South, where it is said that the remnants of the magical clash between Laura’lel and Sha’iam can still be seen in the sky as colorful bands of light.

The Age of Prosperity however was short lived, and gave way to The Age of Death, or as some have come to call it, the Dark war.

Before the coming of the Age of Death, great evil was not known by any of the races. Unsavory characters generally had swift justice brought upon them, and the status quo was maintained. There was one heretic who dared to challenge the Gods, claiming they were mortal men and women and that everyone in the world were masters of their own destiny. He proposed a war against the Gods, to prove that they were nothing. His words spilled forth like black oil from his mouth, infecting everyone with his greed for the power of the Gods.

Many of the beings in the great nations considered him nothing more than a nuisance, but his words went unchecked. The ones who flocked to him cried out that the silence of the Gods to their words were proof enough that they were no more. Worse, they cried that they knew a true god, a deity of such extraordinary power that it put The Goddess and Serpent King to shame! Drowned by the lies of the their words, citizens flocked to them, and their numbers grew until they threatened to overrun whole nations.

This man, known as Sunderus, appealed upon the more tribal races such as the orcs. He cried out that this true god would not abandon them, and would lead them to the riches that had been denied them by the other races. Some orcs, known as the true orcs, said that they had not been denied, that they had chosen the way of life that they lived. These true orcs and many other races like them broke off from their brethren to continue their lives as they wished. The races that followed Sunderus took up arms and marched on the nations they now felt had denied them their true lives.The nations that had felt that Sunderus was little more than a nuisance now scrambled to protect their people. As the armies of Sunderus began their attack on the great city Tal’Orn the sky palaces opened up and the Dragon Knights spilled forth to stop the rebellious army. Sunderus’s followers paused at the sight of the Dragon Knights, and some moved to put down their weapons, claiming that they had been blinded. If the Dragon Knights answered, then perhaps the Gods did exist. The power of the Dragon Knights was proof of that. Sunderus however spilled forth more of his lies and deceit. “Behold, they seek to stop your true path, your righteous cause! They are nothing more than pawns themselves, and we are the lambs to the slaughter. They will not stop your destruction if you throw down your weapons! They mean to destroy you. You believe that they are proof of the Gods? Here is your proof that they are nothing!” Sunderus gathered great energies around him, and the fires of hell were born from his violent outburst. The citizens of Tal-Orn looked on in horror as a group of Dragon Knights were torn asunder as the earth rose up to destroy them, and the sky opened up to spill it’s fury!

Sunderus’s followers stared in awe at the destruction, and they cheered a most unholy chorus and re-raised their battle standards. They picked their weapons up and swept in to attack the remaining Dragon Knights and the great city. The destruction and carnage was of a level never before seen in the world. The armies of Sunderus swept through the city, killing mother and child, sister and brother alike. The Dragon Knights fought them at every step, and proved their valor and courage in the face of overwhelming numbers and chaos. Alas, Sunderus’s army was to many in number and the Dragon Knights sent to protect the city of Tal-Orn were overrun and annihilated. With no obstacle remaining before them, the army of Sunderus burned the great city to the ground, looting its treasures and artifacts. They then began their long march to take the great nation of Tal’Oralis, and marched towards its capital of Tal’un. As they marched, more followers flocked to the army that could destroy the Dragon Knights!

Ukuran, Sha’iam, Laur’an, and Laura’lel looked down upon the carnage and wept. As they wept, their tears put the fires of Tal-Orn out, but they could not turn the smoldering ashes back into buildings, nor could they resurrect the citizens of the once great city.

Sha’iam and Laur’an turned and bowed before Ukuran and Laura’lel, vowing that they would bring Sunderus to justice. They gathered up the remanding Dragon Knights and poured out of the sky palaces as molten fire. The fury of his assault was such that no man has ever seen! When Sha’iam’s armor spoke, the ground beneath the rebel army listened by erupting in fire and death. Those that were struck by his sword were destroyed with such fury that they ceased to exist. Laur’an’s herself lashed out with her sword and with each swing cleaved the heads of ten heretics. The army of Sunderus was broken, as nothing could stand before the full might of the Heavenly Host.

Sunderus himself was captured and brought before the tribunal of the nation he attempted to destroy. His sentence was death, and preparations were quickly made for his execution. Sha’iam and Laur’an returned with the remaining Dragon Knights to Rhuid’danar, confident that justice was to be carried out.

Not all of Sunderus’s followers had been destroyed though, and there were those that believed even more strongly in his cause. As soon as Sha’iam and Laur’an departed with the Dragon Knights, they staged a daring rescue, and Sunderus was freed from his captivity. Upon his escape, Sunderus destroyed the tribunal of Tal-un, but not before stealing their arcane magic’s, and then disappeared.

Sunderus did not seek to gather a large army of followers but instead studied the arcane spells he had taken from the tribunal. Then, he and his followers began constructing a most unholy altar, an altar capable of calling to his god outside the world and beyond the stars in the void. When all was ready, he announced his return and those who still believed him flocked to him, seeing that he had defied the decree of the Gods and lived! Sha’iam Dar discovered his treachery however, and sent his host down to stop him. Sunderus bade his followers to protect him however, using them as pawns to further his own dark ends, “Do not fear death! For life will be eternal when the glory of the true god arrives! Those that make this sacrifice today will be rewarded in the afterlife! I have already proven to you that the Dragon Knights can be destroyed! Let your true faith be your guide! Destroy them!”

The mountain fortress of Sunderus did shake with the sound war, and the Dragon Knights met a zealot army determined to keep them from their master. The Dragon Knights fought with the power of honor and courage, but such was the fury of the Army of Sunderus that a quick victory eluded them. Daytime faded away to night, and suddenly the mountaintop split open, and all stared in bewilderment. A sword of light, some say brighter than the sun itself, pierced the sky and blinded even the Gods in Rhuid’danar.

The people of the nations of the earth wailed in horror and despair as the unholy beacon marked the beginning of death and destruction. The Goddess and her husband the Serpent King wept for the lives that would be lost, and Sha’iam withdrew the remainder of his host to prepare for the coming of the Dark God Bal’rahn.

The world was in chaos long before Bal’rahm arrived. At the sight of the Dragon Knights retreating, the world wept in sadness, feeling that they had been abandoned in their hour of need. Knowing that the world was weeping, Laura’lel herself appeared before leaders of the great nations, assuring them that their hopes and dreams had not been forgotten. The leaders themselves claimed visions, and assured their people that they would not be forgotten. The leaders however knew that Sunderus was still a threat, and they began to train their people to protect themselves, using the things they had created for peace and turned them into weapons of war.

Sunderus himself proclaimed a great victory over the Gods, saying that the true god would arrive soon, and that whoever should renounce their affiliation with The Goddess and Serpent King would gain power beyond what they currently had. Many renounced their old faiths to join those of the new. There were just as many however that remained true to their beliefs, knowing that they would not be abandoned by The Goddess or the Serpent King, and that Sha’iam and Laur’an would return to defeat Sunderus once and for all.

The Dragons grew angry with the people who abandoned their faith. Having been forged from the flesh of Ukuran himself, they had a much closer relationship to him than any others. Not all Humans on the other hand, even though having been forged from the flesh of the Goddess, did keep steadfast to their ancient promise to always serve the Goddess. These lost ones, as the Dragon’s called them, became hated with such fervor that many were hunted down and slain. Those that could escape from the righteous wrath of the Dragon’s brought with them the knowledge and power of hundreds of years of advancement to Sunderus. They also brought with them the furry of the Dragons who gave no quarter to those that had strayed, human or otherwise.

The Dragons plagued Sunderus, and for everyone his minions managed to destroy, he lost thousands. As they fought, forests once lush with wildlife were torn asunder and burnt to the ground, even mountains were not sparred as the battering of dragon tails ground them into fine dust. The spirit and faithfulness of the Dragons’ caused the great nations and it’s people to form armies that sought Sunderus and his minions, and killed them wherever they were found. Sunderus himself was maddened by the fact that even with all his might, he was near powerless to destroy the great Dragons.

As the full might of the Dragon’s and their armies moved in to crush Sunderus once and for all, a great rumbling above the sky stalled them, and all looked up in horror as the sky fires began. High above them Bal’rahn had arrived, and his twisted host immediately began laying siege to the sky palaces of the Dragon Knights. Rhuid’danar itself was attacked with such furry that pieces of it fell from the sky, and blotted out the sun as they fell.

The Dragon Knights having trained for this day, fought with courage and honor beside the full might of Laura’lel, Ukuran, Sha’iam and Laur’an. The very power of their battle with Bal’rahn rained down destruction upon the world, as lakes were turned from cooling waters to boiling lava. Mountains were raised were none had been, and whole nations were destroyed as the great Sky Palaces fell from the sky and turned them into craters.At the darkest moment of despair, when the creators seemed on the cusp of defeat, Sha’iam Dar gathered a hundred of his finest Dragon Knights and charged Bal’rahn in a mad furry to defeat him. The power unleashed in this attack sent a shockwave throughout the world, and it exploded in anger and outrage. Above, the devastating attack from Sha’iam caused Bal’rahm to slip from the heavens and fall onto the world, where he landed with such force that the nation of Talis was all but destroyed. It is said that the dark, twisted ruins of some of the cities still stand, but no one has ever returned from venturing into them.

Laura’lel, Ukuran, and Laur’an gathered Sha’iam’s broken body and what remained of the valiant Dragon Knights who fought with him and did their best to heal him. Sha’iam himself pleaded for them to not abandon the people below. “My body is broken, but my spirit is stronger than ever. Let my sacrifice be hope to our people, and lead them to great victory. Do not forget them, for they need you know more than ever.” Laura’lel, unable to heal the great wounds he had received, placed a powerful holding spell over him in order so that his spirit may still touch those who need him. Laur’an, angered beyond compare, picked up his sword and armor, donned them and proclaimed that Sunderus and Bal’rahn would fall. She gathered the remainder of the heavenly host, and came forth from Rhuid’danar with fury in her eyes.

Sunderus, seeing Bal’rahn fall from the sky, marched his minions marched to the impact site of Bal’rahn and once there bowed before him, proclaiming him as their one true God. Bal’rahn, unable to move but still containing vast power, rewarded Sunderus with great power for his loyalty, and commanded him to capture the greatest of the Dragon’s, and to bring them before him. Sunderus marched forth under the Dark Lord’s command, and with his newfound power destroyed any that dared defy him. Bal’rahn took other disciples and re-created them into monstrous forms, and sent them out to create havoc on the world. Bal’rahn created many of the evil creatures that exist today, included those called Mind-Flayers, who had the power to drive men mad. They became his generals and they marched out from him, bringing death and carnage wherever they went.

Laur’an gathered the surviving nations and dedicated them to war, vowing that she would not turn her back on them. The Dragon Knights began training the citizens of these nations, and together they formed the elite Draconis Legion. Many powerful magical artifacts were created by the most powerful wizards of the time and given to their hero’s to help the fight against the armies of Bal’rahn, which became known as the Chaos Hordes.

Sunderus himself went unchecked, his great power laying waste to those who fought against him. The great dragons, at long last knowing his whereabouts, flew to meet him and his army. Ukuran, fearing that Sunderus was only leading them to treachery, urged his subjects to stay their hand and wait for the Draconis Legion to support them. Five of the most powerful Dragon’s however, refused to wait, and abandoned their oath to Ukuran in order to protect their people. The fury they unleashed was massive, and Sunderus doubted even his own power. Then he laughed, seeing that they had abandoned their own king to kill him. “Look upon these once majestic beasts, their souls tainted with shame, their once formidable power squandered to kill but one man!” and he then said unto the Dragons, “Your own king would not allow you to seek the justice you saw by divine right, and you have abandoned him to save the people he could not protect! Bal’rahn can offer you far more than your former king can! He can offer you the freedom to protect your people!” The Dragons, their rage clouding their reason, succumbed to Sunderus’s silken tongue and went with him before Bal’rahn who promised them all that Sunderus had offered and much more. The five great Dragons swore new oaths to Bal’rahn, and as they did, the metallic scales that had made them shine with the holiness of Ukuran’s blessing fell away to reveal dark hides that reflected their dark hearts. Upon seeing this, they howled in sadness, for Bal’rahn had made their oaths far more binding than those made to Ukuran of their own free will had.

The remainder of the Dragon’s flew to support the Draconis Legion, knowing that the betrayal of their brethren had shifted the power more to Bal’rahn’s favor. Ukuran returned to his masterful forging abilities, and assisted the greatest wizards in creating the weapons that would be needed to defeat him. So evil was Bal’rahn will however, that the creatures that fought and died for him were often raised again to continue the fighting. Great hero’s were lost to these undead, their energies drained from their bodies. Laura’lel, resolved to not let this evil spread, came down and taught any who would learn how to repel and destroy these abominations.

For hundreds of years, the Darkwar carried on, and great cities on both sides were laid to waste. Those on Bal’rahn’s side became rotting husks of stone and metal, while those belonging to the Draconis Legion were burned, their ruins being covered up by sand, forest, or water.

Sunderus had become a madman, laying whole nations into ruin whenever he could, and at times barely being beaten back by the Draconis Legion. Laur’an knew things could not carry on as they had, and that soon she would have to lead her forces to victory, or risk losing everything. Her hand was forced however, when Bal’rahn decided that the time had come for Sunderus to merge with him.

During the war, Sunderus had sacrificed many of the lives of his own followers so that Bal’rahn would be able to move once more. Bal’rahn bade him to find five crystals of such power that could help him channel the dark energies he required. Once Sunderus’s work was completed, and the crystals found and in place, Bal’rahn transformed him into the ultimate avatar, combining with him to create a force that even Ukuran, Laura’lel, and Laur’an had never seen. The Draconis Legion suffered defeat after defeat as the monstrosity that was Bal’rahn and Sunderus marched forth, causing ruin and decay.

Laur’an assembled the largest army ever seen on earth, and containing enough power to move the seas itself, marched on the Dark Avatar. Dragons clashed with Dragons overhead as the armies of both sides tore into each other, the ground becoming a river of blood, ripped flesh, and sinew. The three gods themselves faced off with the Dark Avatar and their struggle reshaped the world itself, leaving no nation unblemished.

After fighting for five days and nights, the Dark Avatar fell to the ground with a crash that shook the earth for days on end. Sunderus was ripped from his merging with Bal’rahn and stripped of his power by the angry gods. Laur’an, still feeling the heavy weight of her husband’s absence, banished Sunderus to sleep aware in eternity, the fate that Sha’iam had sacrificed himself to. The five power stones that Sunderus had gathered so that Bal’rahn could channel his dark energies were scattered to five sacred citadels across the earth. Ukuran then forged five guardians of great power to protect them so that they could never join with Bal’rahn again.

Laura’lel tried her best to heal the world, but the devastation that was wrought was to much for her, and after doing what she could, retreated to Rhuid’danar with her husband. Laur’an also returned to Rhuid’danar, vowing to never leave her husband again until he was healed.

The world below them, all semblances of its once great nations and knowledge destroyed, fell into a dark stupor. Although Bal’rahn and Sunderus had been defeated, their minions continued to plague the land. It took many of the remaining people’s last ounces of strength to defeat these minions, but even after words, true peace as it had been known in the past would never return to the world. Without the power of the Dragon Knights, who were all but destroyed in the Darkwar, peace could not be reinforced as readily as it had been. The races once again fell to squabbling over land and riches. A Thousand years have passed sense the Darkwar ended, but sometimes the taint of Bal’rahn can still be felt. The faithful, those who still serve the Four, continue to live out their lives in a world that some say will never again see the glory of its past.


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