John Turtlebee

John Turtlebee was, at least to the city of Waypoint, a devoted cleric of Ukuran who worked for and supported the city’s orphanage. In particular, he took an interest in Purity and her friends and would often give them little knick knacks and treats, as well as tell stories of his travels.

During the Siege at Waypoint he showed his true colors by using his supposed friendship with them in order to lead them into a trap. Although Purity had escaped the Army of Sunderus by accidently discovering the old dwarven docks underneath the city, John didn’t hesitate to attempt capturing her friends in order to get to her.

Although much more experienced than Grund, Drake, Locke, and Skee, they managed to hold their own against him. In fact, they made such a ruckus fighting back that it took John off guard and gave Monica Bloodblade, who was looking for the wayward kids, time to find them.

Monica easily dispatched John, and ushering the kids to safety, leaving his body behind in a house that was set on fire during the fight.

John Turtlebee

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