fountain of the 4 gods

The Fountain of the Four Gods is a fountain located in the entrance hall of the dwarven barracks in the Undercity of Waypoint. The fountain features statues of the 4 principle gods of the world; Laura’lel, Ukuran, Sha’iam Dar, and Laur’an. The water flowing from the fountain is cold and pure, and empties into a small channel that runs out of the entrance into an underground ‘garden’ and eventually empties into the main tunnel that goes from the Waypoint docks to the underground entrance to Ironhammer.

Besides the excellent craftmanship of the statues, the fountain actually serves as the ‘lock’ for the entrance to Arcan Stonehands Lab. The key is a set of 3 arcane stones that were located in the hands of three statues located elswhere in the barracks. Each of these statues featured one of the gods, however the statue doesn’t face the entrance of the room but rather is facing the same direction as the one on the main fountain.

Purity, Laurel, & Rubyn surmised that the arcane stones were used to power the statue somehow, which would unlock the door to the lost lab. Working together, they retrieved the stones and placed them in the hand of the corrisponding statues which caused 3 panels to slide away revealing rungs. Pulling on the rungs at the same time unlocked the wall behind the fountain, which led the way to the lab.

The fourth statue, that of Laur’an, apparently does nothing on the main statue but like the other gods has a representation in the Arcan Stonehand’s Library.

fountain of the 4 gods

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