Arcan Stonehand

Arcan Stonehand is a near mythical architect that many historians often argue on whether he ever existed at all, or was rather a pseudonym for several un-credited & un-named architects. It is known from various sources that he was a dwarf, thus some historians have come to believe that he was in fact not a real person. They argue that since the projects he was tasked with completing cover from the beginning of the Dark War (where his name first appears) up to reportedly the end of the Shadow era – a span of time roughly equal to twice a dwarfs normal lifespan – it would be impossible for all of this to be overseen by one person. Historians that believe they are the same person counter that life spans were longer then, and that there is precedence showing that many important figures throughout history have had much longer life spans than normal, Sunderus being a prime example as he was known to have been a human. Regardless of whether he was one person or many, he is responsible for designing many structures and cities. The most well known that still exist today are Waypoint & Alexandreta.

Recent events

A small group of adventurers recently stumbled upon both a library, a small dwelling, & a journal all belonging to him. It was discovered that his life was a tragic one. Tasked by the gods for some unknown purpose, he was forced to watch his beloved wife and children die from old age while his own life was blessed with longevity in order to see his tasks completed.

None of these findings have become general public knowledge as of yet.

Arcan Stonehand

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