The nation state of Alexandria controls the largest portion of the territory in Nordo Ameris. It’s territory stretches from the east coast where Waypoint resides, down south to the Gulf of M’Ico and the boarders of Sigal, to the west where the Dead Man’s Dessert begins, and to the North where the forests of the elves begin. Its capital city is Alexandar.

Production & Trade

Because the nation has such a large territory, it meets almost all of its own food and production needs without having to resort to trade with outside nations. That being said, the few resources it does require are met by the dwarven city state of Ironhammer, trade with the elves in the northern regions, and the various Uktena clans that live in the northeast of its territory. Alexandria has almost no formal trade relations with Sigal.


There are two oddities within the nation state. The first is the dwarven city state of Ironhammer. Even though the city lies within the claimed territories of Alexandria, the nation has given Ironhammer sovereign control over itself and the freedom to work in and around the city without restrictions. In other words, the dwarves are considered to be citizens of Alexandria as well as Ironhammer and thus have all the rights and privelidges there-in. This consideration has fostered a generous and friendly relationship between the two, and they both would rush to the aid of the other. Indeed, Waypoint serves as an important costal city for both. Without the dwarves allowing goods to travel through their city, Alexandria wouldn’t exist.

The second oddity is that of the Uktena tribals. The Uktena make up a tight coalition of clans, and make their home in the northern forrests above Waypoint and Ironhammer on the easter portion of the continent. They have no formal government, nor have they officially staked claim to their territory, however the government of Alexandria has officially recognized their right to live as they wish where they wish. Officially, this is becuase the Uktena came to the aid of the once fledgling nation unasked. Unofficially, many historians and military strategists say its because rooting out the Uktena would be nigh impossible, and thus it was much easier to recognize their right and leave them be as they are. Still, regardless of the reasons they have enjoyed a healthy trade relationship which has only continued to foster mutual friendship between the two.

Alexandria has no official trade or peacefull relations with Sigal. Several envoys have been sent over the years, and all have been turned away. Towns along the borders of the two do sometimes trade however. Sigel has made no move to attack or otherwise threaten Alexandria in any way, but has also not declared peace between the two. Alexandria maintains a small troop garrison near the border just in case.


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