Rubyn Ribnick

Rubyn is a slighty eccentric gentelmen who loves exploring and rambling on with stories.


Rubyn is a human male in his early 60’s. He is fairly well spoken, polite and has a slight flair for the dramatic. Although he is not dashingly handsome, he does have a well seasoned rugged good look about him that denotes his years of experience. Despite his years, he is still quick on his feet and has a spry wit he occasionally shows off when he’s not distracted by ‘sparkling things’ (Though these ‘sparkling things’ have changed over the year. He is much more interested in new bits of lore & history as opposed to treasure). He is somewhat excentric however, having retreated and lived in the undercity of Waypoint for the past several years in order to research and study there. To the majority of people he meets, he is seen as a homeless individual.

Where he has his home in the undercity, he looks over a small community of others who do not have a formal home or who are looking for sanctuary from the city or world above. Here, he tries to help those he can by teaching them to read, write, and learn the basics of a trade skill. Many are often surprised at the connections he has throughout the continent, and he claims to have been a good friend of the late King Magni in the Dwarven city of Ironhammer. He is also apparently good friends with Monica Bloodblade and helps her to keep track of criminals that flee into the undercity.

Rubyn is a bit eccentric, and is known for getting lost when telling stories about his past adventures, or when relaying information. During these times, he is often prompted to get to the point several times.

He has been studying the history of Waypoint extensively the past several years, and just recently made a major breakthrough with the help of Purity.

Rubyn Ribnick

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