A runt orc abandoned by her tribe and raised by human clerics.


Base Stats

Str 16 +3
Dex 17 +3
Con 13 +1
Int 12 +1
Wis 8 -1
Cha 6 -2

Fort +4
Refl +8
Will +2

AC 15 Touch AC 13 Flat-Footed AC 12

HP 26

Base Attack +3 Initiative +7
Speed* 30/20ft


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Diety: None, Size: Med
Age: 14, Sex: Female
Height: 4’6”, Weight: 106lbs
Hair: Black & Grey, Eyes: Red
Skin: Grey, Handedness: Left

Locke was the smallest of her siblings to be born and believing her a runt abandoned her. She was found by human rangers and brought to the city of Waypoint where clerics at a local orphanage took her in and tried to raise her ‘right’. Years growing up in the city however with no formal home, and no family have left her bitter and angry at the world. Eventually, she found kinship in her fellow Orphans; Skee & Purity, and together they have decided that the whole city is their home.

You wouldn’t think they were friends however, as much as they argue and fight over things – however she is fiercely protective of them – especially Skee, and often starts arguments over who is the bigger trouble-maker. Like her friends, she has no qualms about stealing if she can get away with it, and often feels like society owes her for having abandoned her. Inherently rebellious, she also acts as if she’s superior to just about everyone. She bores easily, and is often the ‘suggestive’ one to her friends. She is also the consumat prankster, and loves to set ambushes – especially on her friends.

She has a strong dislike of elves and dwarves, although she’s never given a reason why.

In fighting, she prefers to stay behind and hit people from afar rather than up closs and personal – and for this she absolutely loves it when Skee runs in and draw all the attention.

When the city was attacked by outsiders, Locke came face to face with the reality that the world is much bigger than just her or her city. She helped to foil a kidnap attempt on her friend Purity, and then later was pressed into service to seek help from the dwarven city of Ironhammer using an old underground road. It was then that something most curious happened… although she dislikes dwarves, she dislikes the idea of Waypoint being razed and its citizens murdered even more – she keeps telling herself it’s because she wants it to be there to rule over someday. Regardless of her reasons, she has thrown herself in the task as best she can, but much like her personality has thrown all consequence to the wind.


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