Siege at Waypoint recap

recap of siege

The coastal city of Waypoint was betrayed and attacked by a rather large but unknown army. The dock gates, which are normally closed, were opened by a small group that had infiltrated the city. With the docks compromized, warships and landing boats began offloading soldiers. Monica Bloodblade, the captain of the guard, ordered all available soldiers to pull back and defend the town square and entry towers to the inner-city.

Purity, Locke, & Skee belonged to an orphanage and were known for causing trouble. They were unfortunately at the docks when the advanced team of enemy soldiers begane attacking. Purity in an effort to escape, dived into the water and fled under the docks. The others were rescued by a local priest – John Turtlebee – whom offered to help lead them to safety. Unfortunately, he tried to lead them into a trap but fortunately he was defeated by Monica Bloodblade who had come looking for the orphans. She lead them back to the secured Town Square where they were allowed to rest.

Purity found a large tunnel underneath the docks, and having no other options entered. There, she met a vagrant by the name of Rubyn Ribnick who showed her about the old Undercity of Waypoint. She met other homeless under the protection of Rubyn and discovered a chapel. Together, as they were searching for answers, they discovered a library and the bedchamber of one Arcan Stonehand – a famouse Dwarven architect, along with his journal. Rubyn then lead Purity to the surface via the cistern and the fountain in the Town Square. There she was met by Monica, who informed her that the rest of her friends had gone down into the undercity via the crypts, in an effort to look for her but also to get to the Dwarven mountain city of Ironhammer for help. Purity raced to catch up with them.

Meanwhile, a monk by the name of Edric who had joined up with the city guard to earn some extra money for his travels, fought a pitched battle at one of the wall guard towers in an effert to keep the invading army from flanking the city defenders. Casualties were heavy, but him and his small group of fellow guards held the tower and were eventualy allowed to rest when fresh reinforcements arrived. Edric was given a new assignment along with several others to go into the undercty and help Purity and her gang.

Down below, Purity caught up with her friends who were happy to see her. They made their way through the old city catacombs where they ran into a strange gnome who appeared to be undead but not unfriendly. After solving a cryptic riddle, the gnome disapeared in a blinding flash of light and left behind a copper crown which was rather plan but did have an ornate scrypt of unkown origin. Purity confiscated the crown and they made their way through the rest of the crypt. When they entered the old dwarven barracks that Purity had explored earlier, they were waylaid by siegers and captured along with Rubyn. Purity was seperated from the rest of the group and dragged away, with instructions not to harm her too much, as she was the key. The remaining dark orcs were instructed to throw the prisoners into the cistern depths.

Purity was lead out past the fountain of the 4 gods, through a large underground garden area and into the hallway ahead of the rest of the party. When the party reached the statue, the water in the fountain sparkelled and refreshed the magic of the captured party members. Grund, a cleric of The Goddess, was able to cast a summoning spell which gave the other members enough time to break from their bonds and begin fighting back against their capturs. The four guards escorting Purity upon hearing the commotion, were distracted and surprised when Purity suddenly leaped upon the back of one of them – yanked out his sword and plunged it into his back. The guard collapsed with a shriek of pain, but rather than stay and fight Purity took advantage of the shock displayed by the soldiers to run back towards her companions. The guards followed but ran into Purity’s now free and angry party members, who quickly slaughtered the dark orcs.



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