Purity Journal

Taking a moment to jot a note in my spellbook while this system is running “diagnōstikos.” Waypoint may be saved – we discovered Arcan Stonehand’s hidden lab, and apparently he built or found an entire squad of battle-ready “war golems.” I’ve been able to take control of one of them, and I have to say, the power is rather thrilling. I can’t wait to get these above ground and start driving the Army of Sunderus out of my town!

Session on 02/02/2009
The characters make a discovery that could change the tide of the siege.

After the battle to save their lives, the group was able to take a breather while they discussed their next course of action. Thoughts were divided, as some of them wanted to continue on to the Dwarf city in the mountains using the underground road, while others believed this was futile.
Rubyn Ribnick finally spoke up and suggested they look for Arcon Stonehands labratory, where possibly a means of defending the city could be found. Many believed this to be a waste of time, but others became interested. A small argument ensued when Rubyn admitted he didn’t have a lot of clues as to where the lab could be, only that it was supposedly nearby. Finally, Rubyn stated they had 3 choices; they could go back up to the city, stay here and look for the lab, or try and fight their way through the Army of Sunderus that was likely on their way here to discover what happened to their brethren escorting Purity. Purity herself noted that this was the first time anyone had given name to the invading army seiging Waypoint, but believed Rubyn did not have motived he was not revealing, other than knowing more than he was letting on. The party, already tired from the previous fight, knew they couldn’t hold out against a larger force and thus decided to try looking for the lab. They quickly sealed the main door between the grotto and the rest of the undercity and began looking for clues.
Purity remembered the crown that had been given to her by the weird undead gnome on their way down here, and along with Laurel’s help, examined it. Other than being an unimpressive copper circlet with strange designed etched into the sides, there were also three round holes – one located in the front and one on each side. The crown didn’t yield many answers however, so they turned their attention to the most prominent feature of the room – the Fountain. Upon examination, in the outstretched hands of 3 of the statues, they found small circular holes tucked back into the palm. Laurel surmised that there was probably something that was meant to be inserted into the hands, at which point Rubyn perked up and swung around to Purity. “The other fountains! There are three of them located throughout this section of the old barracks, each of them depicting one of the Gods in the same pose, pointing the exact same way!” He quickly moved to where he could view one of the fountain rooms that was down a hallway off the main room and pointed, “Purity, come with me, quickly!”
Upon arriving at the fountain chamber, they noticed that the statue wasn’t facing the entrance as it normally would be, but rather facing in the same direction as its counterpart in the main room. In it’s hand was a brightly glowing crystal of some sorts. Rubyn, curiosity overwhelming him, climbed up and with a small tug of effort, pulled the crystal out of the palm of the statue. As he did so, it’s glow diminished very slightly. On the underside of the crystal was a very small copper cylinder protruding from it at an angle. They quickly ran back to the main fountain chamber and showed the others. Rubyn pulled out a map he had made of the barracks and pointed out the other two fountain chambers. Fearing no danger, he split the group up to retrieve the fountain’s respective crystals, and when they returned he wasted no time in inserting the crystals into the hands.
Upon doing so, three panels located underneath the lip of the main pedestal slide down, revealing three pull levers. Laurel once again suggested that perhaps the levers needed to be pulled together and on the count of three this was done.
After a large thunk as if something heavy falling out of place, the back wall of the chamber began to fold away stone by stone, eventually revealing a small chamber beyond with a spiral staircase leading down.
Will, who was standing next to the entry door that Rubyn had sealed, suddenly called out for everyone to be quite. After listening for a few seconds, he turned back to the group with a slightly ashen face, “I think they’re coming, and it sounds like they brought the whole damn army with them this time.”
Rubyn quickly ushered them into the chamber, and Locke quickly went down the staircase, searching for traps (but secretly also looking for valuable items to take before the rest of the party came down – sadly there was nothing for her to take.) After signaling the all clear, Edric located a device that could reseal the chamber from the inside which he did once everyone was inside.
Down the stairs, the party discovered a room with strange looking devices along the walls which could only be Arcan Stonehands Lab. Everything was dark, except for a series of glass tubes emitting a very faint trickle of light. Rubyn pulled out a dagger that shone brilliantly enough to illuminate the entire room, but nearly blinded Purity in the process. After apologizing, the party began searching the room. Purity discovered what could only be described as the ‘main’ sitting chair, because the metal desk in front of the chair looked different than the others in the room. On the desk she found a circular depression that looked as if something could be set into it. On a hunch, she took out the circlet and realized that it was a perfect fit but was reluctant to loose her only bit of ‘loot’ from her previous ordeals.

Siege at Waypoint recap
recap of siege

The coastal city of Waypoint was betrayed and attacked by a rather large but unknown army. The dock gates, which are normally closed, were opened by a small group that had infiltrated the city. With the docks compromized, warships and landing boats began offloading soldiers. Monica Bloodblade, the captain of the guard, ordered all available soldiers to pull back and defend the town square and entry towers to the inner-city.

Purity, Locke, & Skee belonged to an orphanage and were known for causing trouble. They were unfortunately at the docks when the advanced team of enemy soldiers begane attacking. Purity in an effort to escape, dived into the water and fled under the docks. The others were rescued by a local priest – John Turtlebee – whom offered to help lead them to safety. Unfortunately, he tried to lead them into a trap but fortunately he was defeated by Monica Bloodblade who had come looking for the orphans. She lead them back to the secured Town Square where they were allowed to rest.

Purity found a large tunnel underneath the docks, and having no other options entered. There, she met a vagrant by the name of Rubyn Ribnick who showed her about the old Undercity of Waypoint. She met other homeless under the protection of Rubyn and discovered a chapel. Together, as they were searching for answers, they discovered a library and the bedchamber of one Arcan Stonehand – a famouse Dwarven architect, along with his journal. Rubyn then lead Purity to the surface via the cistern and the fountain in the Town Square. There she was met by Monica, who informed her that the rest of her friends had gone down into the undercity via the crypts, in an effort to look for her but also to get to the Dwarven mountain city of Ironhammer for help. Purity raced to catch up with them.

Meanwhile, a monk by the name of Edric who had joined up with the city guard to earn some extra money for his travels, fought a pitched battle at one of the wall guard towers in an effert to keep the invading army from flanking the city defenders. Casualties were heavy, but him and his small group of fellow guards held the tower and were eventualy allowed to rest when fresh reinforcements arrived. Edric was given a new assignment along with several others to go into the undercty and help Purity and her gang.

Down below, Purity caught up with her friends who were happy to see her. They made their way through the old city catacombs where they ran into a strange gnome who appeared to be undead but not unfriendly. After solving a cryptic riddle, the gnome disapeared in a blinding flash of light and left behind a copper crown which was rather plan but did have an ornate scrypt of unkown origin. Purity confiscated the crown and they made their way through the rest of the crypt. When they entered the old dwarven barracks that Purity had explored earlier, they were waylaid by siegers and captured along with Rubyn. Purity was seperated from the rest of the group and dragged away, with instructions not to harm her too much, as she was the key. The remaining dark orcs were instructed to throw the prisoners into the cistern depths.

Purity was lead out past the fountain of the 4 gods, through a large underground garden area and into the hallway ahead of the rest of the party. When the party reached the statue, the water in the fountain sparkelled and refreshed the magic of the captured party members. Grund, a cleric of The Goddess, was able to cast a summoning spell which gave the other members enough time to break from their bonds and begin fighting back against their capturs. The four guards escorting Purity upon hearing the commotion, were distracted and surprised when Purity suddenly leaped upon the back of one of them – yanked out his sword and plunged it into his back. The guard collapsed with a shriek of pain, but rather than stay and fight Purity took advantage of the shock displayed by the soldiers to run back towards her companions. The guards followed but ran into Purity’s now free and angry party members, who quickly slaughtered the dark orcs.

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