Excerpt from Karl Delind’s “A history of Retir’un

“Names are important – but the true meaning of the words that make up a name are just as important. Take the name of the world for instance. The vast majority of the modern populace simply refers to it as Retir’un. This however is a bastardized version of the original name – which was better known before the Dark War. Today, there are very few scholars who know the full name of our world, Retir’Araun di Dia’los. There are even fewer scholars who know enough of the Dia’los Languas – or God Tongue – who know the meaning, and even that brokers argument among these scholars. You see, it isn’t a matter of the translation that causes so many arguments, Retir’Araun di Dia’los quite simply translates to ‘Retreat of the Gods,’ but it is the true meaning of Retir’Araun that causes the problem. In our modern language, retreat has two meanings. It can be a place, as in a summer home a wealthy merchant might have, or an action as in a losing army might do. There are those scholars who believe that Retir’Araun refers to a place, and there are those who believe it refers to an action. There are of course a very small number of scholars who believe it means both. The two main factions argue back and forth, presenting ideas from the preposterous to hypothesized guesses they would be frightened to learn are more true than they realize.”

Civilization has come back from the distruction caused by the Dark War; Commerse, trade, magic & technology are once again moving forward. On the continent of Nordo Ameris, peace has reighned for over 50 years, and yet there are once again whispers of dark tidings & rumors of war and death. An ancient foe is once again rising, and the hope of the world is being placed in a small group of chosen who have no idea that destiny has guided them to this path, or that their lives have been more manipulated than they believe.

Welcome to the world of Retir’un, where ancient history is about to reveal itself and smash perceived reality.

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Current Events
The PC’s are currently trying to defend the city of Waypoint from a surprise siege.

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